Download and Play Dr. Driving on Windows PC and MAC

July 3, 2017 | Racing Games

Dr. Driving is not just some regular racing game you found around the corner. Instead of revving the engine to the red line, in this game, you’re required to drive as safe as possible. You might think it’s boring but I tell you what, it’s completely not. It’s as addictive as other popular racing games out there. In Dr. Driving, you’re constantly given a mission that you have to accomplish if you want to collect the reward, which is gold coins. These coins are needed to unlock the abundance of features the game provides, such as new cars, new tracks, and new missions.

Dr. Driving can be played offline, which is great if you’re not always connected to internet. You know, some people just don’t have much much monthly data allowance to play an online game. However, should you like to connect with more players, you can play Dr. Driving when you’re online too. This will enable you to compete with thousands even millions of players around the world. Yes, you read that right! Dr. Driving is so popular that it’s been downloaded for approximately 100 – 500 million times. To get you even more motivated, the game offers some gold coin as a reward if you can complete a mission before your opponent does. Sweet, isn’t it?

Download and Play Dr. Driving on Windows PC and MAC

Of course, if you’re the impatient type and happens to have stack of money, you can always purchase the in-app products to quickly unlock all the features in Dr. Driving. This way, you don’t have to play it over and over just to collect a few coins.

In terms of graphics, Dr. Driving is not very special. In fact, I can safely say that it’s quite on the basic side. You can’t compare it to high profile racing games like Asphalt and the likes of it. Still, the good thing is it only takes about 10 MB of space on your smartphone. Other features that you may like about Dr. Driving is changeable controls and mildly increasing difficulty as you move up the levels. At first, the missions are pretty easy. But as you progress, you will run into harder challenges down the road. Damaging your car and getting caught by the police are big NO. That would mean you fail to complete the mission.

Playing Dr. Driving on Desktop – Windows XP, 7, 8, and MAC

If you’re interested to play Dr. Driving on your desktop computer, you must read the guide below. Basically, all you need is a good and stable Android emulating software, such as BlueStacks App Player or Andy OS. The former is available for both Windows and MAC, but the latter can only be installed on Windows computer. These two Android emulators will allow you to download and install Dr. Driving on your computer. From there, you can play the game on much larger screen, which is great.

If you don’t have any Android emulator installed on your computer yet, you must check out either of the following guides:

There are two methods with which you can download and play Dr. Driving on your windows, here they are:

Method 1

  1. Start BlueStacks App Player or Andy OS on your desktop or MAC.
  2. Type in “Dr. Driving” on the search bar. If you’re using Andy Android emulator, you must go to Play Store first. Then, search for Dr. Driving.
  3. Select the correct game title and click on the green install button. Wait for the installation to finish.
  4. Go back to the Homepage of BlueStacks or Andy OS.
  5. Find “Dr. Driving” on My Apps menu and click on it.

Method 2

  1. Download Dr. Driving APK. You can do a quick search on Google to find it.
  2. Once you save the Dr. Driving APK file on your computer, right click on it and choose “Install with BlueStacks”
  3. Wait for the process to complete.
  4. When done, launch BlueStacks and go to My Apps menu.
  5. You will find Dr. Driving along with other apps you’ve installed previously.

Pretty easy, right? That’s all you need to be able to play Dr. Driving on Windows PC and MAC. While both methods can work all right, I always like to use the first one. It helps me ensure that I install the latest version of Dr. Driving on my computer. Either way, have a good time!

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